How many bars do I need to participate for the event?

     We would love to see 5-6 bars per event.  But you may not have that many bars in walking distance of each other.  So get what you can. Even if that means 1 or 2 bars, it's the awareness piece and the fundraising that is going to make the difference!  And don't forget to ask the bars to serve a drink special for the crawlers and ask them to make it $1 or $2 off as an incentive for them to order that special drink.  

Why do we need to choose 3 ALS charities?  Why can't it all go to my one favorite charity?

     We want to show that there are a lot of great local and nationwide charities that many people haven't heard of and we know they can help their community.  But it's also to show our ALS community look what we can do if we all work together.  We can move mountains!

What if there is already a crawl happening in my state?

     We want a minimum of 52 crawls, 50 states and DC and PR, happening.  But, we would love to have several Cities in each state to host a crawl.  So we could have, for example, 3 crawls in Northern California, 2 in Central California and 4 in Southern California.  What an impact this could make, right?!  We may even have 2 crawls happening in one City, how fun that competition could be!

Do I need to ensure that the bars and the routes are wheelchair accessible?

     Yes!  We understand that older cities maybe a bit harder, but try to do your best to keep things accessible for our ALS friends.

Do I have to fundraise?

     You don't have to, but why not help us reach and surpass our goal?

How do I fundraise?

     Once your City Captain sets up the City Team, you will go to that link and register.  Then you can share that link to your friends and family for them to either register and/or make a donation.

What if we make donations while we are on our Crawl?

     If you collect cash or check donations while on your crawl, please ensure your City Team Captain gets them so they can get them to your chosen 3 ALS charities.  Captains, please email us your totals so we can add them to our grand totals.

How will the bars know that we are part of the Crawl?

     We will send your Team Captain 50in1 wristbands so the bars will honor any drink specials.

Can my kids join in on the fun?

     Unfortunately, this is only open to 21 and older.

Can our City team donate to our own Non Profit as one of our 3 charities?

     YES!  As long as you are a registered 501(c)3!  And if your charity is not on our growing list on the Non Profit Page here on the site, please email us to have it added.  Provide your charity name, EIN#, and a brief description of your mission and where you serve.

Is there a winner?

     Yes, we have lots of winners!  The team that raises the most amount of donations the day of the event and the team with the best team spirit wins! They will split the donations that were raised they day of the event between their chosen charities. And the biggest winners are all of the ALS charities and those they serve!  

What is Hark-ALS? And why will my registration and/or donation show up as donation to HARK-ALS?

     Hark is a NonProfit organization founded by Donna Dourney York with family at it’s core. Donna and her 6 brothers and sisters journeyed through ALS together as they watched their father, Charlie “Hark” Dourney, courageously fight the disease until he lost his battle on November 2, 2009.  

     HARK provides assistance to alleviate the financial burdens faced by families battling ALS. We offer support in many ways including:

  • Purchasing and donating a handicap accessible van to a pALS (Hopemobiles)

  • Purchasing equipment not covered by insurance

  • Paying travel expenses for pALS to visit family or attend an important family event they would not otherwise be able to afford

  • Visiting communities across the country sharing Hope on the Horizon increasing awareness of ALS and hosting fundraising events benefitting a local ALS family

  • Providing financial assistance for household expenses

  • Assisting families with children during the holidays

  • Providing funds to pay for the cost of home health aides

     We are proud and thankful to partner with Hark-ALS as they serve as our 501(c)3 for our donation platform.  Essentially, acting as our bank for 50 in 1, they will be making the payments directly to all of the your chosen charities.  A huge thank you to Donna!

How do I get the word out about my fundraiser and my team?

     You can get your team out there a bunch of different ways! And don't just do it once, keep posting and emailing leading up to your campgain!  Here are some ideas to help:

  • Use your social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.  And remember to use our hashtags #50in1 #50in1BarCrawlforALS #BarCrawlforALS #50States1Day #EndALS

  • Send all your friends, family and co-workers an email asking them to join your team and/or make a donation to your team.